Anti is a small game that I made for Godot Wild Jam #39 based on the theme "Inversion".  It is played with 3 keys : Spacebar, left & right arrows

WARNING: for some reason, the HTML build doesn't register key presses sometimes. When that happened, refreshing the page worked for me.

A big thank you to 0x72 for its nice spritesheet from his Löve game. Check it out!

The font here is called Energy:

Music: Land of fantasy from

And thanks to my daughter for helping me find inspiration :)


Download 17 MB
Download 16 MB
Download 30 MB

Install instructions

I only tested the linux build which ran fine on PopOS but I see no reason why the other builds wouldn't work...


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this is so cute i loved the fact that you keep talking to the player the intro is amazing

Ho thanks for playing the game and the kind comment :) I'm happy that someone has played it again!